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POSITION OVERVIEW – Ensure the recruitment time is not longer than the regulation in recruitment process and procedure. Ensure office staff, senior and Manager Recruitment position; replace position in the organization are met with procedure
 Be responsible for overall Savills’s recruitment activities
 Receiving the Personnel requirement from other departments and check the headcount for the vacancy
 Meets with Heads of Departments to review their recruitment needs, ensuring they are following their manpower budgets
 Announcing the recruitment information in public if any (preparing Recruitment Ads to post on Savills Website, LinkedIn / Recruiting Websites; Internal Announcement or Newspapers).
 Interviewing candidates for the first round
 Welcoming and introducing the newcomers, helping to conform themselves to the company’s culture
 Develops and implements recruiting and screening systems and procedures in order to attract qualified candidates for position vacancies
 Regularly analyses company manpower requirements and recommends selection and development activities to meet those requirements
 Contributes to the development and implementation of improved methods of work and better utilization of staff in all areas
 Assists the Human Resource Director, where appropriate, in the development and preparation of the Savills’s Strategic Plan, Recruitment Plan and Employee Branding
 Controlling the headcounts, checking and ensuring the personnel requirement are in headcount budget. All cases outside budget must be approved by BOD before recruiting
 Reviews company benefits and compensation levels in comparison with service sector competitors and makes recommendations to ensure the company remains competitive within the local employment market as appropriate
 Submitting the suitable channel would be used to fill each vacancy in order to save cost
 Keep relationship with Labor Service companies and agencies to get the best price and promotion when using their services
 Collecting Recruitment report from recruitment team member
 Checking and summarizing all in weekly/monthly Recruitment report
 Updating information of current vacancies in the organization chart of all stores for further activities to correct or to support them in recruitment with respect to the balance of headcount budget
 Planning the recruitment schedule for HR Director’s approval very month/ every week upon HR Director’s request
 Planning and submitting the yearly/quarterly budget for approval from HR Director and BOD
 Other tasks or responsibilities as assigned by HR Director

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